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Is the first-in-class Virtual Reality All in One Solution.
Imaging to be wherever you want, with the hightest resolution and connectivity. You can reinvent your shopping experience, your vision, your customer behaviour.


We take care of your digital transformation, from 2D pictures format,
trough the most advanced Augmented and Virtual Reality formats (AR/VR), for every platform: web, smartphone, tablet, AR and VR devices.


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Retail space, products and shopping
experience virtual reality simulator.

Enhance shopping & brand experience and gain actionable analytics. Gain competitive advantage and start defining your v-commerce solution now.

  • A cloud-based data source to manage SKUs and content libraries and to support 3D production lifecycle, storage and classification.
  • A patented AI system recognizes and recreates VR-ready 3D products, delivering pictures and textual data, aggregated through semantic criteria.
  • Product classification compliant with the most used standards, provided for every SKU.

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Planogram and store layout visualization, enhanced with trade KPI overprint, such as consumer penetration, numeric and weighted distribution, sales, turnover, promotion intensity index, share of space, allocated stock, days of supply.


Fully immersive and realistic shopping experience simulation enables the collection of insights in both quantitative and qualitative research. Integration of eye-tracking, EEG and biometric devices.


V-Commerce is the future of e-commerce and enhance shopping & brand experience and gain actionable analytics. Gain competitive advantage and start defining your v-commerce solution now.


VRONE can reproduces real estate environments in VR, allowing the user to freely move through the scene, interacting with furniture, finishes, and lighting.

VRONE enables to create showrooms thousands of square meters
in size and to fit them in a small room or a 4×4m booth.

  • Collaborate with your architect and recreate the structural environment by respecting measurements, finishes and custom design details.
  • Multiple layouts and styles can be generated for each unit to offer alternative solutions to your consumer base.
  • Analyze shopping behavior of potential buyers, review feedback and help the design team elaborate solutions to improve the final design.

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  • Enhance the design process
  • Give feedback to the architect and interior design teams
  • Make and test changes to avoid construction errors
  • Make confident, final decisions before construction starts


  • Allow clients to view the environment before it is built
  • Showcase every unit with near perfect reality effect
  • Collect client feedback and update design when possible
  • Improve your selling tools
  • Elevate your brand experience
  • Diversify your experience from competitors


  • Showcase your project
    all over the world
  • Interact remotely with long distance within the same environment
  • Replace the old rendering
    selling tool
  • Enhance investors relations
    and future project development
  • Test new formats


Project design in virtual reality can start as soon as the architectural layout is complete. Sales can start even before breaking ground and the units could be showcased and sold before the property is fully built.


Overcome the limits of a static showroom, bring the property to the client at any time, straight from your office client. You can see all individual outdoor units remotely captured by drone technology and can feature unique interior design solutions interior design styles can be instantly altered based on client preferences.


  • Give valid feedback on the layout of the units or of the common areas
  • Use the valuable insight to improve and correct the physical space before it is built
  • Potential investors may find virtual reality to be a great tool for envisioning the project and feeling more comfortable with their investment


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VRONE is able to reproduce a whole showroom in the space of a few square meters.

The client can interact with the car, explore its interiors, select his or her favourite configuration and save it. Every choice is monitored and linked to business intelligence and e-commerce systems.

  • Ultra-realistic prototype digitalization
  • Interaction implementation
  • Sound design
  • Immersive contextualization
  • Real-time customization

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VRONE is a retail showroom simulator that reproduces spaces and products details with stunning realism.

Freedom of movement while in VR allows to appreciate spaces, goods and to live an exclusive full immersion brand experience.

  • Present your brands, category plans and communication with outstanding simulations of your client’s store
  • Evolve your category management with cutting-edge VR simulations
  • Enrich your store experience with stunning luxury brands and with new display layouts without in-store impact
  • Let your customer live an ultrarealistic full-immersive customized experience
  • No limits to develop whatever place with high-demanding details

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VRONE All in One

VRONE is your exclusive VR Store

The full immersion environment and the six degrees of freedom give you an immersive sensation
enhanced from the amazing realismof products, equipments and ambient sound.
All in only 10x10 foot room.

VRONE package

The first all-in-one native solution to manage enterprise VR simulations
and display them through a video output stabilized in 4K.

  • Hardware
  • VR & Web License
  • 3D Contents
  • Customization
  • Virtual rooms to be connected
    even in different countries
  • Fields to be streamed online



The sense of presence has never been so realistic thanks to a solution which supports the latest six degrees of freedom VR headsets.


Share the virtual experience with your audience through a smooth and stabilized live video in 4Kresolution, optimized for fruition on big screens. Customize the scene with all the data you wish to show.


Gain powerful consumer and shopper insights and develop your projects with confidence thanks to the integration of eye-tracking, EEG and other biometric and neuroscientific devices.


VRONE is specifically designed and optimized to run the most realistic VR simulator in the world, ensuring top levels of performance.

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